Wall Key Holder Jar Planter with Light

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Wall Key Holder Jar Planter with Light

We all have key holders at home, but have you ever seen a wall key holder jar planter with light? Having a coordinated spot for your keys is a wondrous go-through. On the off chance that we can zest it up and make it more elegant and phenomenal, that would be extraordinary. This unique merchandise from BARISH does exactly that to make your home look perfect and magical.  

This creative and stylish key holder comes with vibrant water-proof lights and space for a green plant to lighten the atmosphere with its freshness and purity. It also has a slot to store your mails. The keyholder is made of high-quality wood that preserves its durability and robust nature. It also acts as a perfect home décor item, adding an aura of beauty and charm to the interior of your living space. 

Indeed, it can be a delightful addition to your home. The unique design is carefully crafted by skilled artisans keeping into consideration modern art and sustainability factors. All our products are handmade and eco-friendly. The dimensions are 19 x 36 x 16 (cms). You can hang it on the walls of your living room, bedroom, drawing room, and workplace. Due to excellent quality and classic colours, it goes well with all backgrounds. 

The addition of water-proof light casts the magical spell of beauty with a perky finish. You can gift this unique product nurtured with love and care to your loved ones and make them feel special. So make this artistic and useful key holder part of your infamous home décor today. Buy Now!

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