Photos on String Small

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Dimension (cms)

61 x 41 x 4   H x W X D

Photos on String Large 

Memories make us cherish life and remind us that life is so beautiful. So do you want to capture your sweet memories? What if we say it is possible? Yes, with our photos on string large, you can display your old happy memories and remember your loved ones forever. 

This unique and creative product is useful for displaying your memories, photography skills, family photos, art forms, illustrations, designs, crafts, and much more. The design is so unique that you will get mesmerised by its beauty and charm. This merchandise can brighten up your living space, and astound your loved ones and relatives with its perky appeal. 

Speaking about the quality of the product, we value the hard-earned money of our buyers, so we offer the best-in-class products at affordable prices. All our products are hand-made by the best artisans in town with utmost attention and warmth. The string that is used for hanging pictures is highly durable, unbreakable, and long-tasting. In short, value for money. You can swiftly fix the photographs using the clips provided and change them whenever you want. The best part is that this BARISH wall-mounted photo string can be rolled against the wall at an angle also. 

So without wasting any moment, craft your memorable corner with the most precious memories. Sometimes these little loving memories create a long-lasting impression in our lives. Preserve it. Get your photos on a string today and flaunt your great taste in home decors to others. Buy now!


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