Coffee Mug Holder

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Coffee Mug Holder 

Love to sip your coffee from different mugs? We’ve got something special for you. Introducing our handmade Wall Hanging Coffee Mug Holder. It is the perfect blend of sturdiness and style. Its elegant look will deck up your kitchen or dining area and keep your favourite coffee mugs organised. If you’re a family of 3-4, it’s ideal for you.  

Dimension: Cms 61 x 16 x 4 H x W x D


Something that’s as precious to coffee fanatics as coffee is coffee mugs. Using our unique Coffee Mug Holder, you can store and showcase them in style. It comes with a sleek look and has been crafted with gaps between the nails. 


Our handmade Coffee Mug Holder offers a modern, creative storage solution to your kitchen, it comes with a chic, antique look. Crafted with creativity, this Holder has a unique unfinished touch that makes it remarkable. 

Wall Hanging

Unlike the mundane Coffee Mug Holders, this one comes with the convenience of wall-mounting. It helps you in keeping your mugs organised, makes your surroundings perky and saves a lot of space. Other than coffee mugs, you can also dangle mason jars and teacups in it. 

Numerous colours to choose from

At Barish, variety is what we strive for in our products. Our Coffee Mug Holder is available in various colours. We have evergreen blue, rustic green, and classic white. So choose what vibes bets with your home!

Gift item

Present this perky Coffee Mug Holder to your fellow coffee lovers! Think birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, house warming, etc., it can be the perfect keepsake combining utility with looks. 

So hurry and grab this unique storage solution now!  

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