Book Rack

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Book Rack 

Every special book deserves a special place. So how about housing them in a house-shaped bookshelf? Yes, this unique bookshelf looks like a sweet miniature home where you can keep your books safely. 

What makes it super cool is the design. It is fabricated beautifully by our highly skilled artisans with warmth and love. The perky cut at the top adds glamour to its charm. You can use it as a table-top bookshelf, and it can get swiftly mounted to the wall as per your need. The size is 38 x 17 x  20  H x W  x D

Since it is a handmade product, the quality is guaranteed. The supreme quality teak wood gets used to make this product more durable and long-lasting. The sturdy look of the merchandise with the tint of yellow colour makes it a perfect home décor item. You can also gift this piece of art to your book-lover friends and make them feel delighted. 

Do you know how we invented this product? Thoughts jumped out, bopped around, dashed across the rooms, and bobbed into a beautiful and house-shaped bookshelf. A perfect creative Home for your books!

This unique bookshelf has a horizontal stack of the rack where you can place your books. It is a creative home décor that looks perfect wherever it gets mounted. It simply beautifies the surrounding with its look. In a nutshell, it is the best product a book lover can have. So go ahead and order with confidence. Buy Now!

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