Towel Holder

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Towel Holder 

Introducing this handmade towel holder that’s both practical and stylish. With a compact size and superior walnut brown finish, it looks elegant in every setup. 

Crafted by a pool of creative individuals, our towel holder is ideal for hanging and storing bathroom towels. You can also hang hand towels in it. 

Dimension (cms):  53 x 20 x 13  H x W x D 

Sleek Design

Unlike the usual bulky towel holders in the market, our towel holder comes with an exquisite sleek design. As a result, the bathroom looks perky and organised. 

Easy to clean

You don’t require anything fancy to clean this towel holder. Just a good old clean, dry cloth will do the job. 


You can store 5 bathroom towels in this unique towel holder. It’d save you the trouble of setting up multiple towel holders. 

Easy to assemble

To hang this on your bathroom wall, all you need is some nails and a hammer. Plus, as it’s easy to remove, you can keep switching the position at your convenience. 

Gift item

This chic, handmade towel holder can also be used for gifting purposes. You can gift it to your loved ones on housewarming, birthdays, anniversaries, or other special occasions. 

Acts as wall décor

If you’re someone who likes experimenting with house décor, this towel holder won’t disappoint. You can hang it in your living room, bathroom, or kitchen to ensure your surroundings look perky. 

Don’t miss out on this handmade and unique towel holder. Grab it now! 

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