Mosaic Tray

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Mosaic Tray

People who are in love with beautifully crafted crockery will be delighted to buy this mosaic tray. These fantastic pieces are not only eye candies, but are also a charming decorative item for your tea table. Broken china mosaic crafted or mirror crafted trays have a unique design and are made with care.

The tray is multipurpose as it can be used to add to the aesthetics of your living area and can be used for serving the guests. These trays are delicate as they are handmade. This also adds to the charm of the mosaic design. You can choose a mosaic tray from our catalogue according to your favourite colour or mood. This product comes in  6" x 6" and is made of premium quality wood. 

The glass design for the tray is handcrafted, and each design is unique. This beautiful mosaic tray is made with the perfect combination of colourful glasses. 

We also offer customisation for the trays so you can choose the colour or design for the mosaic work. Each piece is hand-cut to align perfectly in the jigsaw design tray. 

The mosaic tray with its perky colours can be a perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries, housewarming and other events. Using them at home is sure to give you some refreshing vibes at the time of your morning tea.

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