Magnetic Knife Holder

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Magnetic Knife Holder

Presenting you our compact and sturdy Magnetic Knife Holder. With a size in cms  18 x 20 x 10 H x W x D, it is a practical choice for everyone looking to assort their knives. Using this Knife Holder, you can hold and elegantly organise your kitchen knives. Plus, you would no longer have to spend extra time looking for them.


Our handmade Magnetic Knife Holder ensures that your knives stay in top-notch condition. With a table top design, this holder has been creatively crafted to add functionality and safety to your kitchen space.

Ultra-Modern Design

The design of this Magnetic Knife Holder is unique and something that you wouldn’t easily find elsewhere. With a high-quality look, this Magnetic Knife Holder is practical and adds a perky appeal to your kitchen table top. 

Quality Material

Apart from the high-quality wood, this Knife Holder was made from superior quality magnets. It is strong, durable, and will give a vintage vibe to your place. 

Dedicated Space

Are you tired of looking for knives in every nook and corner of your kitchen? Then what you need is a dedicated space for your precious knives. And our unique Magnetic Knife Holder provides you with just that. Go ahead and place all your precious knives in one space with this Knife Holder. It is practical and effortless. 

This handmade Magnetic Knife Holder with a table top design offers an aesthetic appeal to any type of kitchen décor. Hurry and grab yours now! 

Usage : Remove knife by sliding them down or twist and pull.


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