BARISH is a set-up run and managed by Varsha & Ady. We house one-of-a-kind handmade products, customizable to fit the aesthetic of your home. Our brand prides itself on creating irreplaceable items, some of which can be altered to your taste. Every product that finds its way to your home, is crafted with our own two hands. This in mind, any products that require extra time to reach you, is solely due to our attention to detail – the rest should reach you instantaneously. Our items use primarily wood and glass alone, but range in aesthetic quality, from quirky and bright, to classy and elegant. We ask ourselves one question to validate every item you see for sale: ‘Would I keep this in my house?’. In order to acknowledge the value of your hard-earned money, we follow this up with: ‘Is this product and the time it has taken, worth this much money?’

  • Creativity and commerce are rivals, and we have done our best to establish a balance between the two. We need this in order to sustain the effort we put in, while simultaneously remaining creative. We offer free shipping (above cart value of Rs. 999.99) within India, where the price of the item is the total cost and no extra pay is required. Orders shipped outside India have an additional cost for shipping. COD, Bank Transfer and Credit/Debit Card are all types of payment available for you. Additionally, overseas, we also accept your local currency. 
  • Currently, our list of items include:
  • Organizers (Bar, Bed-side, Bathroom, Key-holders, Couch Caddies and other similar products)
  • Planters
  • Shelves & Stands
  • Photo Frames
  • Trays
  • Kitchen & Dining (Cutlery Holders, Spice Racks, Napkin Holders and other organizers)
  • Personalized Name/Number Plates
  • Mosaic Wall Art
  • T-light Holders

A significant number of the products we house are customizable. We liven them up with glass mosaic, which only allows us more creative freedom and enables you to leave our store with a unique design, catered to you. If sentiment is important to you, we would even go as far as rekindling your old furniture and bringing new life to it with our mosaic. Mosaic can be done on multiple surfaces and is endless in its scope for creativity. 

Come and indulge yourself in a world of off-beat wooden novelties, embellished with colored glass, to produce items that will find their way into your homes.